At the UEFA Congress in 2004, it was decided to conduct the realization of the "mini-pitches" project within the program implemented by UEFA for the development and improvement of grassroots football, as well as in the framework of the so-called "social responsibility" of football.




Multifunctional "mini pitches" designed to serve as an incentive for the development of mass sport, and football in particular. 
It has been decided to allocate one million Swiss francs to each association - a member of UEFA, in order to build a minimum of 20 "mini-pitches" in each country. As a first step, UEFA presented as a gift one "mini-pitch" to each association. In Armenia "mini-pitch" was inaugurated in Yerevan at Agatangeghos str. 7, with the participation of UEFA executive committee member Per Ravn Omdal and the president of the Football Federation of Armenia Ruben Hayrapetyan.



FFA also donated sports memorabilia, football equipment and balls to young players of communities of Yerevan.

The second "mini-pitch" was installed at Khorenatsi str. 47 in Kentron community. Its opening was attended by FFA President Ruben Hayrapetyan and UEFA Chief Executive Lars-Christer Olsson.




The opening of the "mini-pitches" in the Avan and Kanaker-Zeytun was attended by Michel Platini, who arrived in Armenia by the invitation of FFA President Ruben Hayrapetyan.



The program had its own characteristics. In particular, the project is free from any taxes, and in the program had to be involved national associations and regions of the country, where they were to be placed "mini-pitches." FFA applied to the Government of the Republic of Armenia and to the heads of all regions of the country with a request to provide the areas for construction of "mini-pitches" which, in the future, come under the control of local authorities. 
Heads of 7 regions had decided and obliged to provide the areas for the installation of "mini pitches", as well as installation of lighting and expolitation costs.



Guided by the principle "first petition - the first granting of a request", and also taking into account the location of the future "mini-pitches" in densely populated areas and schools, FFA has chosen Areas and, during 2005-2007, built 42 "mini pitches" which Later came under the jurisdiction of local authorities.



Today Armenian Football Federation to build about 100 "mini-pitches" in Armenia and Artsakh, which contribute to the development of youth football and football popularization.





"Mini-pitches" are located at the following addresses


Yerevan, Nor Nork community, 8th district, the school N186
Yerevan, Nor Nork community, 9th district, N16 and N17 blds.
Yerevan, Kentron community, Agatangeghos str, 8
Yerevan, Avan community, Narekatsi district, 40
Yerevan, Kentron community, Khorenatsi str. 47

Yerevan, Kentron community, Agatangeghos str. 8/ Yerevan, Kentron community, Khorenatsi str. 47/ Yerevan, Nor Nork community, 1st district, near the police building/ Yerevan Nor Nork community, 2nd district, near the school N164/ Yerevan, Nor Nork community, 2nd district, Moldovakan str. 15, 16, 17/ Yerevan, Nor Nork community, 8th district, near the school N186/ Yerevan, Nor Nork community, 9th district, 16, 17 blds./ Yerevan, Avan quarter-liter Isaakyan 3/3 / Yerevan, Avan community, Narekatsi district 40/ Yerevan, Avan community, Avan-Arinj 1/7/ Yerevan, Avan community, Duryan district 48/ Yerevan, Avan community, Charents district 18/ Yerevan, Avan community, Tumanyan district 18/ Yerevan, Avan community, Kuchak district 15, 16/ Yerevan, Malatia-Sebastia community, admiral Isakov str. 20/3, 50/7/ Yerevan, Malatia-Sebastia community, South-West district, B2 area 56, 58, 59/ Yerevan, the community of Malatia-Sebastia, Babajanian str. 89, 91, 93, 95, 99/ Yerevan, Malatia-Sebastia Yerevan, Malatia-Sebastia community, Sherami str. 17/ Yerevan, Malatia-Sebastia Yerevan, Malatia-Sebastia community, Babajanyan str. 111, 113, 117/ Yerevan, Arabkir community, Kievyan str. 2/ Yerevan, Arabkir community, Tolbukhin str. 4a/ Yerevan, Erebuni community, Artsakh str. 10c, 10d/ Yerevan, Ajapnyak community, Shinararneri str., 14, 16/ Yerevan, Kanaker-Zeytun community, Z. Sargakavagi str., 131/ Yerevan, Shengavit community, Bagratunyats ave., 34, 34a/ Yerevan, Davitashen community, 1st district 27, 28, 29 / Kotayk region, Arinc village, near the hospital/ Kotayk region, Abovyan city, 6th district, 36/ Kotayk region, Charentsavan city, 5th district 17, 18/ Lori region, Stepanavan city, Virahayots district 78/ Lori region, Stepanavan city, G. Nzhdeh str., near the city garden/ Lori region, Vanadzor city, Tigran Mets str., 44 / Lori region, Tashir city, Erebuni str., 5, 6, 7, 12, 19/ Vayots Dzor region, Vayk city, South-West district, near the school N1/ Syunik region, Goris city, Ankakhutyan str., 1 and Mashtots str., 2/ Syunik region, Sisian city, A. Manukyan str., tourist hostels territory/ Tavush region, Dilijan city, Shahumyan str., near the school N4/ Tavush region, Ijevan city, Sevkaretsi Sako str., near the school N4/ Gegharkunik region, Sevan city, 4th district, 22


Premier league

N Teams GP Pts
1. Ararat-Armenia 32 61
2. FC Pyunik 32 60
3. FC Banants 32 52
4. FC Alashkert 32 51
5. Lori FC 32 44
6. Gandzasar-Kapan 32 38
7. FC Shirak 32 36
8. Artsakh FC 32 28
9. FC Ararat 32 22