Sargis Adamyan on the restart of Bundesliga and plans of celebrating his birthday
Sargis Adamyan on the restart of Bundesliga and plans of celebrating his birthday

German Bundesliga restarted on May 16. Only a week later on May 23, Sargis Adamyan will turn 27. Armenian national team and TSG Hoffenheim striker spoke about the restart of Bundesliga and plans of celebrating his birthday in the interview to the FFA official site.


-Sargis, how is your recovery going on? Are you in fit to play in the next match?

-There is a huge progress in my recovery process. Unfortunately, there is no certain date for my comeback, but I’ll be back on the pitch very soon.

-German Bundesliga is the first among European top leagues, which restarted after two-month break. Was this a right decision?

-I think it’s a right decision. Football is very important in Germany. People cancel all their weekend plans just to watch football and they can’t imagine their lives without it. We have to return to our normal lives step-by-step. The restart of Bundesliga is one of those right moves towards it.

-What's the difference in football before and after coronavirus outbreak?

-There are several differences. The most important one is that the matches will be played without spectators. It’s like you’re playing a friendly match, but stakes are still very high. It’s very difficult to play without our supporters, but these measures are for securing us from the virus, and that’s the most important task.

-The main part of this season has already passed. Are you satisfied with what you have achieved?

-I’m satisfied with the current season. I have scored goals, have made assists, have played a lot. Unfortunately, the injury in the second part of the season did not let me to go on playing effectively, but overall it was a good season for me.

-Despite bad results in the last matches, is the team struggling for playing in UEFA Europa League next season?

-We’ll do our best to play in the Europa League next season. Competition is tough, but we’ll try to win the rest of our matches for reaching our goal.

-Have you talked to your Armenian NT teammates during this quarantine?
-Yes, I spoke with Varazdat Haroyan. He got an injury, so I tried to help him to get a recovery course in Germany. But as you know, because of the coronavirus outbreak countries closed their borders, and it became impossible.

-It's your 27th anniversary on May 23. Which birthday party was the most memorable?

-The most memorable was perhaps my 25th birthday. We went to a restaurant with my family and friends. We spent a very quality time there.

-How're you going to celebrate your upcoming birthday?

-You can’t do a lot of things in this situation. Maybe my family will join me, otherwise I’ll celebrate it at home with my girlfriend.


Premier league

N Teams GP Pts
1. Ararat-Armenia 18 36
2. Lori FC 18 32
3. FC Alashkert 18 31
4. FC Ararat 18 31
5. Noah 18 30
6. FC Shirak 18 28
7. FC Pyunik 18 23
8. Urartu 18 23
9. Gandzasar-Kapan 18 18
10. FC Yerevan 18 0
N Teams GP Pts
1. FC Shirak 26 46
2. Ararat-Armenia 26 46
3. Noah 26 45
4. FC Alashkert 26 41
5. Lori FC 26 40
6. FC Ararat 26 33
N Teams GP Pts
1. Urartu 24 36
2. FC Pyunik 24 32
3. Gandzasar-Kapan 24 31
4. FC Yerevan 24 0