Armen Melikbekyan's message on the 30th anniversary of FFA
Armen Melikbekyan's message on the 30th anniversary of FFA

On January 18 the Football Federation of Armenia celebrates its 30th anniversary. This is a significant event for the Armenian football community. 30 years is a period of time when it is already possible to give conscious assessments to the path that is passed and based on that, we can try to predict how Armenian football will develop.

We realize that the road is not easy but we, alongside with the football players, officials, fans, are ready to move forward, overcoming difficulties and obstacles.

Unity and inclusion are the most important components for overcoming difficulties and obstacles. Joint efforts and dedication will inevitably bring success and we must include all the elements of Armenian football in that process. Today I would like to emphasize once again that Armenian football is not only the level of professional football, but also all the participants of the big pyramid, who are equally strong, without whom real success cannot be achieved.

And that success is not only the past and future victories of our national team, but also mass and amateur football, women's football and futsal, holding amateur tournaments, improving the infrastructure. The simultaneous development of all of this can only lead to real victories, which are not only measured by the score recorded at the end of the game, but also include many other factors, such as the number of people enjoying football, their health, awareness of the importance of teamwork, children's socialization.
During this year the Football Federation of Armenia has outlined a number of events which I am sure the representatives of the football community will like. During the year we will remember the veterans of Armenian football, we will try to fill in the open pages of Armenian football, create a yearbook so that future generations will not forget the people who lived their whole lives in football, the people dedicated to this game, those who ensured the continuity of Armenian football.

I would like to cordially congratulate all the people who have honestly worked in Armenian football for the past 30 years, supported its development, and are completely dedicated to their favorite game. Without you we would not be able to work today and develop future plans for the benefit of the development of Armenian football. Special thanks to the people who stand at the roots of the foundation of the Football Federation of Armenia, who have undertaken this important mission during that difficult time for our country.

I once again congratulate all of us on this significant anniversary and wish good luck for the upcoming football year.

Armen Melikbekyan
FFA President

VBET Armenian Premier League

N Teams GP Pts
1. FC Pyunik 30 71
2. Ararat-Armenia 30 68
3. FC Alashkert 29 46
4. FC Ararat 29 46
5. Noah 31 38
6. Urartu 29 36
7. Noravank 29 24
8. Van 30 22
9. CSKA 29 15