Ruben Nazaretyan: "Our only task is to win"
Ruben Nazaretyan: "Our only task is to win"

Winning a game and drawing one atUEFA Futsal EURO 2014 preliminary round group D with Greece, Bulgaria and Wales, which took  place in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria Armenian futsal national team took the second place in the group. The conversation between Armenian futsal national team's head coach Ruben Nazaretyan and FFA official site is about the success in the season, the level of Armenian futsal in general and futsal developing projects.


Mr. Nazaretyan, first of all let's talk about the state of Armenian futsal in general.


During the recent years 5 teams take part in  our league, which is too little, and has bad influence on the general level of futsal, as it became quite difficult to choose footballers for the national team. However, in spite of that fact I can say that I'm satisfied with Armenian futsal national team. In the recent 2 years we lost only once, it was the match against Greece. We are already among 50 best teams in the world, which means that will be in the second pot during the next draw. It will give us a chance to face much weaker teams and we will have opportunity to advance from the group easier.


Do we have enough professional futsal players in Armenian league, who can join national team?


If you look carefully, in the national team we have only one player who moved from futsal to football now. I mean Arman Sahakyan, whose playing quality matches the demands of the  national team. All the others are original futsal players. Last year we invited 6 new players to the team, this year we invited 3 more. We can say, that during 2 years we refreshed our team’s squad and it didn't have bad influence on the results of the team. We will go on trusting young players. It’s the only way to have a good team in the future. I have already represented our  programmes, which were confirmed by FFA. According to the programme we intend to found futsal groups in the technical centre of FFA in Football Academy. So we can grow up futsal players for different age teams.


Do we have footballers, playing abroad, who can be invited to the team besides Armen Danielyan and Ernest Akopov.


We have talanted players in Belgium, the Netherlands, we also have 2-3 players in Brazil, who can helpful our team, but however, we should pay more attention to the football players, playing in Armenia, and should try to achieve good results with local players.


What plans do you have for the future?


Perhaps the most important are the exams for Pro license, which will take place in the capital of Spain, Madrid, on 24-27 of February and which I will take part in. If we pass it well, we will have the opportunity to organize B license exams in Armenia. Only in that case we can develop futsal in Armenia, as now we have some problems with specialists, problems of the knowledge development of the coaches. We are going to make B license obligatory for Armenian league coaches. Referring to the national team, we decided to play some friendly matches in May. We decided to face strong teams like Belarus and Ukraine. We are going to have 2-3 days’ campaign before October, the start of the World Cup qualification round.


What are the main tasks of our futsal national team?


If you saw, how did our footballers feel after losing the match against Greece, you would understand that it doesn't matter who is our rival, because our only aim is to win. If in the past we were just trying to have good performances, now we should try to solve our problems and advance from the qualification round.

VBET Armenian Premier League

N Teams GP Pts
1. FC Pyunik 32 75
2. Ararat-Armenia 32 74
3. FC Alashkert 32 51
4. FC Ararat 32 46
5. Urartu 32 40
6. Noah 32 39
7. Noravank 32 28
8. Van 32 25
9. CSKA 32 18