Do you like our football? Do you like team spirit? Do you like Armenian football national team? If you like to win and you are ready to support our young, patritotic, devoted and strong-willed football players, become a member of Armenian football national team official fan-club.

It doesn`t matter where we live – in Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Los Angeles, Moscow, Paris, Cairo or in any corner of the world, we are Armenians and we must support Armenian football national team, which represents our country, our flag and us.
Starting Armenian football national team official fan-club, we are aiming to unify all the real fans of Armenian football national team, to reach a higher level and create a new culture of support in the stadiums, make thousands of fans around the world an important part of our big football family, to give the fans an opportunity to take part in different events and activities and to create closer relationship between football fans and football players of Armenian national team.

If you agree with us and want to join our football family, you can take a few simple steps and we will be together.

We want to inform, that your personal data must be right and valid. The telephone number and the e-mail must belong to you and be active. You will be registered as a member of Armenian football national team official fan-club, only after your personal data is fully checked. The applications, not corresponding to defined terms, will not be accepted. We do our best to make our work more efficient and be mutually helpful.

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Premier league

N Teams GP Pts
1. Ararat-Armenia 18 36
2. Lori FC 18 32
3. FC Alashkert 18 31
4. FC Ararat 18 31
5. Noah 18 30
6. FC Shirak 18 28
7. FC Pyunik 18 23
8. Urartu 18 23
9. Gandzasar-Kapan 18 18
10. FC Yerevan 18 0
N Teams GP Pts
1. Ararat-Armenia 27 49
2. Noah 27 48
3. FC Shirak 27 46
4. FC Alashkert 27 44
5. Lori FC 27 40
6. FC Ararat 27 33
N Teams GP Pts
1. Urartu 24 36
2. FC Pyunik 24 32
3. Gandzasar-Kapan 24 31
4. FC Yerevan 24 0