«Republican» stadium after V.Sargsyan




















Separate,  secure and covered area in the stands of the stadium with working deksk for the laptops, separate power outlets, Wi Fi Internet connection.






With working desks, chairs, Wi Fi Internet connection, a special platform for the television cameras, space equipped with lighting and sound system, with separate entrances for coaches, players and media representatives, located next to the district of the stadium separated for the media representatives.






With tables, chairs, Wi Fi Internet connection, LCD screens, separate toilets for men and women, with catering service for media representatives.






Secure and separate area with special boxes for non-holder broadcasters and photographers.





Separate space in special zones of the stadium.




The Republican stadium after Vazgen Sargsyan named Dinamo in past





In 1931 Dinamo sports organization asked the City Council of Armenian Commissars for a permission to build a football stadium in Yerevan. Thus, 16 hectares of land in the center of Yerevan was given for the construction of the stadium in the centre of Yerevan.


The main construction of the stadium began in 1933.


In 1935 it was put into operation.


The first match in "Dynamo" stadium took place in June 1935, when Spartak Yerevan faced KBKT Moscow in the opening match of the stadium.


The stadium was renovated in 1963 for the first time.


The architector of the stadium is Koryun Hakobyan. G. Chgnavoryan also took part in the designation of the stadium.


Master plan of the stadium has been thoroughly explored, ranging from the stadium, landscaping and interconnection system of the park around.


The stadium was renovated for the second time in 2000.


The stadium has an electronic entry system, VIP stand, CCTV, 10 toilets.  


 Armenian national team played its first match in 2000.




Premier league

N Teams GP Pts
1. Ararat-Armenia 0 0
2. Van 0 0
3. Noah 0 0
4. Urartu 0 0
5. Lori FC 0 0
6. Gandzasar-Kapan 0 0
7. FC Pyunik 0 0
8. FC Shirak 0 0
9. FC Alashkert 0 0
10. FC Ararat 0 0
N Teams GP Pts
1. Van 0 0
2. Noah 0 0
3. Ararat-Armenia 0 0
4. Lori FC 0 0
5. FC Shirak 0 0
6. FC Alashkert 0 0
7. FC Ararat 0 0
N Teams GP Pts
1. Urartu 0 0
2. Van 0 0
3. Gandzasar-Kapan 0 0
4. FC Pyunik 0 0