Santi Denia "Armenia is becoming more famous in football world"
Santi Denia "Armenia is becoming more famous in football world"

The FFA official site is starting the series of interviews with all the head coaches of the U-19 Euro-2019 participant teams. Spanish U-19 head coach has a good experience of coaching young players. As a player he has won La liga and Spanish Cup. FFA Technical director Gines Melendez has a direct connection with his football education.


- Spain was in the same group with the Netherlands in the Elite round. What was the key factor of making through the finals for Spain?

- Spain was not able to go through the qualification for many years, but we always tried to have good results. That's why I don't think we are very different from other teams. Our players have good character. We know that all the teams play very well and want to win the tournament. We have to be competetive in order to stay on top. That's why we encourage our players not only in football, but human aspects.

- Spanish youth teams have always been one of the favorites of this tournament. They have a general style of playing. What is typical for your team?


-You are right, we have had a constant style of playing for many years. We are strong with the ball and good at creating open spaces, we try to play football with posession and to unite all the aspects of football. We cane be among contenders only by defending, attacking, making fast transitions and making benefit of set pieces. We have a success in this aspect, because we pay a huge attention to the human apsect, to considering our team as one big family.

-Which teams are the favorites?

-I think in this kind of tournaments, where only 8 teams participate, all the teams have good chances to win. I am sure that the details will be crucial part of the matches.

- Gines Melendez is the FFA technical director. What memories do you have about Melendez and will his factor help Armenia if being drawn in the same group with Spain?

- It`s a pleasure for me to speak about Gines Melendez. His role is very important in my life. I know hime since the times he was my teacher in Albacete. I went to play in Albacete academy then and Melendez was the coordinator and the coach. He teached me to play football, but also some values of life. Then our paths crossed in Spanish football federation. We spent 8 years together there, which was a very good opportunity for me to learn more. Gines can help Armenian U-19 team during the possible game against Spain. Undoubtedly, he knows Spanish football best of all and his knowledge can help Armenia during the tournament.

- What do you know about Armenia? What are your expectations?

- Armenia is becoming more and more famous in football world. The reason is not only the successful performance of Henrikh Mkhitaryan and others in top leagues. Armenian football will develop also due to paying proper attention to coach education. The country, where a lot of efforts are being made for developing youth football, must have a good result. I haven't been in Armenia, but I am looking forward to it. We'll meet in summer.


VBET Armenian Premier League

N Teams GP Pts
1. FC Alashkert 9 15
2. Ararat-Armenia 7 14
3. FC Ararat 8 14
4. Urartu 8 14
5. Lori FC 8 13
6. Noah 9 12
7. Van 8 10
8. FC Pyunik 7 4
9. FC Shirak 8 2