FFA logo

FFA logo is a circle consisting of red, blue and orange colors and it is written FFA in Armenian capital letters in the lower orange part of it. On the red part of the circle from left to right it is written Football Federation of Armenia in white capital letters in circular way. Mount Ararat is figured on the lower part of the circle and a blue football is standing above its picks. 


It is not allowed to change, adapt, activate, animate, enlarge or use the FFA logo (which can be downloaded here) with the breach of proportions or color combinations and professional standards.


It is not allowed to use the FFA logo particularly, as a part of structure or design, including background or background image for other contents, as well as main component in the headers of any site as a title. 


The FFA logo cannot be used in tags and identificators of other sites which will include them in searching systems.


The FFA logo cannot be used in social networks as a profile picture or background image of any user or official page.


The FFA logo cannot be used without FFA written permission in promotion of any kind of mass consumption products (balls, shirts, sportswear, bags, hats, toys, souvenirs etc.. This will be considered as a breach of FFA intellectual property and parasite marketing action.

FFA logo



VBET Armenian Premier League

N Teams GP Pts
1. FC Pyunik 30 71
2. Ararat-Armenia 31 71
3. FC Alashkert 30 47
4. FC Ararat 30 46
5. Noah 31 38
6. Urartu 30 36
7. Noravank 30 25
8. Van 30 22
9. CSKA 30 18