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Oleksandr Petrakov about UEFA Nations League draw

National team 08.02.2024 22:05

UEFA Nations League draw took place on February 8 in Paris, France.

Armenian National team was drawn into League C, Group C4 alongside with Faroe Islands, North Macedonia and Latvia.

Armenian national team head coach Oleksandr Petrakov commented on the results of the draw․

"It's an interesting group. We have no experience of playing with the Faroe Islands. I know that there is a stadium with artificial turf, which is difficult to play on.

We have played against North Macedonia. They have very good team. They played quite good and high-quality matches in the qualifying round of the European Championships.

Latvia is an uncomfortable team with a new Italian head coach. It is a good opportunity for me to respond to the painful defeat from Latvia. I can say that there are no weak teams right now, and we will definitely witness good matches in the upcoming Nations League. I think North Macedonia is the favorite in our group."

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