From now on A NEW ELECTRONIC SYSTEM will operate in Republican stadium after Vazgen Sargsyan. Raw splitters are installed at 2 main entrances of the stadium – at Vardanants and Charents streets. 16 splitters at Vardanants street and 4 splitters at Charents street.


Coming to the stadium You must approach the stuard. You must show him Your ticket, for looking up. The second stuard must do a body-check by hands not to allow to take prohibited items to the stadium. • You are not allowed to bring noisemakers including thunder sticks*, musical instruments, whistles, air horns and boom boxes, weapons or projectiles, alcoholic beverages, glass, metal or hard plastic containers of any size, hard or soft sided coolers of any size, plastic drinks containers, laser pointers. In case of finding out this kind of matters the stuard has all rights to take it irrevocably**.


* Due to European Convention on Spectator Violence and Misbehaviour at Sports Events and in particular at Football Matches, validated in 2004.


** (The note, about bringing prohibited items is mentioned also on the ticket. The ticket is public oferta. Buying a ticket you are signing a public contract, which is setting obligations of you and the service organization. You are confirming that you are properlu aware of everything and accept the terms of the service organization). After passing the external check of the ticket and body-check You must approach the tourniquet leading you to the respective stand, noted on your ticket.


You must put your ticket with BAR-CODE on the scanner and wait for a positive answer. After that you must push roll of the tourniquet. You are not allowed to pull it.


If the scanner doesn`t give a positive answer, it means that you approached not the stand, mentioned on your ticket or your ticket is not valid. Only the tickets with bar-codes are valid.


Only one person can enter the stadium with one ticket, regardless his age and only once.


After entering the stadium and passing the tourniquet zone YOU cannot leave the territory of the stadium until the end of the match. We kindly ask you to get acquainted with all the guides properly entering the stadium in order to find the stand noted on the stand and the respective tourniquet.


We ask you not to approach to the splitters of main entrances of the stadium without tickets.


The video recording system is installed in the stadium. All kind of movements and activities are being filmed due to security reasons.




Premier league

N Teams GP Pts
1. Ararat-Armenia 18 36
2. Lori FC 18 32
3. FC Alashkert 18 31
4. FC Ararat 18 31
5. Noah 18 30
6. FC Shirak 18 28
7. FC Pyunik 18 23
8. Urartu 18 23
9. Gandzasar-Kapan 18 18
10. FC Yerevan 18 0
N Teams GP Pts
1. Ararat-Armenia 24 45
2. FC Shirak 24 42
3. FC Alashkert 24 40
4. Noah 24 39
5. Lori FC 24 36
6. FC Ararat 24 33
N Teams GP Pts
1. Urartu 22 33
2. FC Pyunik 21 26
3. Gandzasar-Kapan 22 25
4. FC Yerevan 21 0