General secretary

Artur Azaryan
General Secretary

Was born on January 19, 1989.

2003 - 2007  Yerevan State University, Faculty of International relations

2007 - 2009  Master’s degree at the same faculty

In 2014  has been awarded a degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) with a thesis of Armenian Question and Zionism

2007-2011 – Deputy head of Licensing department at Football federation of Armenia

2010-2018 – Assistant of technical director of FFA

2011-2012 – Intern at Licensing and Financial Fair Play department at UEFA

2012-2017 – Head of Licensing department at FFA

2018 January to 2018 October – Head of Football department at FFA

2018 October to 2020 January – Head of Football department, deputy General secretary at FFA

2013 – to this day – UEFA match delegate. Worked as a delegate for over 50 matches under auspices of UEFA

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